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Get paid to refer your friends to great jobs
Our new Bounties product helps founders crowdsource candidates they are hiring for 🚀
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Anyone can be a recruiter

Founders are looking for quality candidates - and willing to pay $2k-$10k for successful referrals. You have a network of peers that may be looking for their next opportunity. PIN makes it easy to find hiring bounties and monetize your network.
Earn $5,000* for helping founders and recruiters hire their next team member →
Browse Roles.
Get Paid.
*based on average referral reward for high priority positions on PIN. Actual amount may vary.

Everything you need in a glance

Sort and filter by key features to find the perfect bounty and refer the perfect candidate.

Built for founders

PIN's platform that makes it easy for communities to invest in startups and support founders together. Our new Bounties product builds on this ethos by making it easy for any founder to tap into communities of top operators to get referrals for roles they are hiring for. Our communities include school groups, accelerators, and company alumni:

Share your bounty

Share your open hiring bounty with us and include a referral reward (e.g. $500 for successful referrals who are paid out only upon a successful hire) to increase referral / success rate.
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Link the job

The link can be a LinkedIn or Twitter post. Or a direct link to the job posting. As long as it includes the referral reward, general job description, and instructions on how people can send you the referrals (e.g. DM you directly, tag a candidate, etc.)
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Get seen

We do the backend work of uploading your hiring bounty to our platform at no cost to you. We also will never take a cut of referral rewards. Our goal is connecting members with the founder community; we don't interfere in your vetting process or facilitate payment of the referral reward.
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Referrals start to roll in

See the referrals come in and vet them as you wish. If you successfully hire a team member via the hiring bounty, you facilitate the reward payment on your terms with the referee.
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What's in it for the community of recruiters?

Easy and all-in-one place to browse open roles
Earn rewards for matching qualified folks in their network to open positions
Support the founder community
Coming soon
In our next iteration of Community Bounties, founders will have the option to post their own hiring bounties directly onto our platform. This will enable founders to post directly to our community of operators, review and track referred candidates and the referee directly on PIN, and accept/reject the referrals to track reward payouts. To do this, founders simply need to create a log in with PIN and verify they are a founder (details to come).
We hope you join us!