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February 14, 2024
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Figma is a browser-based, collaborative user interface design tool that lets users work together to create vibrant and interactive prototypes. Since its release in 2016, Figma has become a popular tool both in the web design industry and in online communities. Users can collaborate and share templates, designs, and widgets with millions of users across the globe. In this overview, you’ll learn more about what Figma is, what it can do, who uses it, and how to learn it to determine how to add this skill to your professional toolbox.


Dylan Field and Evan Wallace began working on Figma in 2012 while studying computer science at Brown University. Wallace studied graphics and was a Teaching Assistant for the Computer Science Department, while Field chaired the CS Departmental Undergraduate Group.


Founders of Figma

The Figma Mafia

The Figma Mafia has founded 9 companies, raising $49 million in total, as per Crunchbase data.

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List of all the amazing companies covered:


  • Monograph
  • Braintrust Data
  • Cococart
  • Infisical
  • Tunelark
  • Homestead
  • ADPList
  • GroupUps
  • HAGS


Founder: Moe Amaya

Figma Role: Growth

Capital Raised: $29.3M

Investors: Index Ventures

Stage: Series B

A simple back office tool for the building industry.


Braintrust Data

Founder: Ankur Goyal

Figma Role: Head of ML Platform

Capital Raised: $5.1M

Investors: Greylock

Stage: Seed

Braintrust offers an AI stack to simplify the process from evaluations to data management, ensuring seamless integration into any business.



Founder: Zhicong Lim

Figma Role: Software Engineer Intern

Capital Raised: $4.2M

Investors: Sequoia Capital

Stage: Seed

Cococart is an e-commerce platform that makes it easy for local businesses to sell online.



Founder: Aaron Clayton-Dunn

Figma Role: 3rd employee, current investor

Capital Raised: $2.8M

Investors: Nomad Ventures

Stage: Seed

Tunelark is an internet company that provides online music learning services.



Founder: Vlad Matsiiako

Figma Role: Data Science

Capital Raised: $2.9M

Investors: Y Combinator

Stage: Seed

Infisical is an open-source, end-to-end encrypted solution that allows development teams to sync their environment variables.



Founder: Ian Janicki

Figma Role: Product Manager

Capital Raised: $1.7M

Investors: Y Combinator

Stage: Pre-Seed

Homestead helps homeowners turn their equity into wealth and new housing.



Founder: James Baduor

Figma Role: Ambassador (Figma Africa)

Capital Raised: $1.3M

Investors: Surge

Stage: Seed

A community platform where people can find, book and meet mentors around the world.



Founder: Suraya Shivji

Figma Role: Design, Kleiner Perkins Fellow

Capital Raised: $1M

Investors: BoxGroup

Stage: Seed

HAGS is a platform for high school students built on top of Snapchat.



Founder: Sayed Saber

Figma Role: Head of Distribution Partnerships

Capital Raised: $1M

Investors: Triangle Tweener Fund

Stage: Seed

GroupUps is a B2B group buying marketplace for independent dental and medical practices to get better pricing on equipment.


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