The Carta Mafia

March 31, 2024

Carta, co-founded by Henry Ward and Manu Kumar in 2012, has revolutionized the way companies manage equity and ownership. Originally known as eShares, Carta aimed to simplify equity management for private companies by digitizing stock certificates and cap table management, addressing a major pain point in the startup ecosystem. Over the years, it has expanded its suite of products to include valuation services, investor services, and compliance, catering not just to private companies but also to investors and public companies.

Henry Ward


Carta's innovative platform and services have positioned it as a key player in the financial technology sector, simplifying equity management and enabling more efficient and transparent ownership structures for companies of all sizes. Through its journey, Carta has raised significant capital, demonstrating strong market confidence in its vision and offerings, and continues to shape the future of equity management.


The Carta Mafia

The Carta Mafia has founded 22 companies and raised $403 million.

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List of all the amazing companies covered:

  • Compound
  • Standard Metrics
  • Truv
  • Flieber
  • Confirm
  • Passthrough
  • Continuum Technology
  • Particl
  • HiHello
  • Breadboard
  • ThreatKey
  • Accrue
  • Tap


Founder: Alex Farman-Farmaian

Carta Role: Head of Corporate Coverage

Capital Raised: $35M

Investors: Y Combinator

Stage: Series B

Compound is a family office for people who work in tech. Built by engineers who know what QSBS is and CFAs who know what APIs are.


Standard Metrics

Founder: Kevin Hsu

Carta Role: Product Manager

Capital Raised: $29.5M

Investors: Global Founders Capital

Stage: Series A

Standard Metrics is a financial platform for startups and investors.



Founder: Kirill Klokov

Carta Role: Director of Product

Capital Raised: $28.5M

Investors: Kleiner Perkins

Stage: Series A

With Truv, users can easily connect their payroll account and instantly verify employment, income, and identity.



Founder: Jair Verçosa

Carta Role: Engineering Director

Capital Raised: $19.4M

Investors: GGV Capital

Stage: Series A

Flieber develops a multi-channel inventory optimization tool for online retailers.



Founder: Josh Merrill

Carta Role: Chief Product Officer

Capital Raised: $18.2M

Investors: ANIMO Ventures

Stage: Series A

Confirm is an all-in-one people platform using Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) to empower leaders with a true view of performance.



Founder: Tim Flannery, Benjamin Doran, Alexandre Laplante

Carta Role: Head of Go-to-Market, Account Executive, Head of Engineering for Investor Services

Capital Raised: $15M

Investors: Great Oaks Venture Capital

Stage: Series A

Passthrough develops a fund workflow automation platform that makes it easy to distribute subscription agreements to investors.

Continuum Technology

Founder: Greg White, Nolan Church

Carta Role: Information Security Manager, Chief People Officer

Capital Raised: $14.9M

Investors: Pelion Venture Partners

Stage: Series A

Continuum Technology offers a software that manages executive availability, contracts, invoices, and payments.


Founder: Josh Wilson

Carta Role: Senior Equity Analyst

Capital Raised: $13.5M

Investors: Peterson Ventures

Stage: Series A

Particl is building the competitor insights platform designed for e-commerce.



Founder: Dr. Manu Kumar

Carta Role: Co-founder, Investor & Board Observer

Capital Raised: $10M

Investors: Lux Capital

Stage: Series A

HiHello is a software company that builds next generation professional network that allows people to optimize their business relationships.


Founder: George Balayan

Carta Role: Staff Software Engineer

Capital Raised: $5M

Investors: Founder Collective

Stage: Venture - Series Unknown

Breadboard is a SaaS company digitizing the electronics manufacturing supply chain.



Founder: Jonathan Haas

Carta Role: Lead, Security Operations

Capital Raised: $4M

Investors: Alumni Ventures

Stage: Seed

ThreatKey provides security solutions for SaaS and Cloud applications.


Founder: Ammanuel Selameab

Carta Role: Head Of Pricing

Capital Raised: $3.3M

Investors: 500 Global

Stage: Seed
Accrue is an information technology company that helps B2B rep-driven SaaS companies engineer high-growth pricing.



Founder: Jeff Leathers

Carta Role: Head of SPV and Fund Formations

Capital Raised: $3M

Investors: Courtside Ventures

Stage: Seed

Tap is the new standard in fund secondaries.


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