The Best Web3 Accelerators in the US and Europe

August 15, 2023

Web3 is building the foundations of a world where digital ownership is as tangible as physical possession and financial inclusivity is a reality for everyone. 

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The best Web3 accelerators


a16z has always been a big supporter when it comes to building companies. Speedrun is a new addition to the a16z games fund Its focus on nurturing startups into fully-formed businesses sets it apart.


→ $500K investment.
→ Hosted at a16z in SF.
→ IRL kickoff, luminary speakers, community events.
→ ends with an invite-only Demo Day at GDC.

Key Dates:

9/30: Application Deadline, applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, so early submission yields faster feedback and next steps

10/15: Last Day of Interviews

1/22 to 3/29: Speedrun 10-week program begins in January and ends at GDC

Crypto School

Also by a16z, Crypto School educates participants about blockchain fundamentals and crypto-economics, empowering entrepreneurs to navigate the complexities of the Web3 space confidently.


→ It is a 12 week accelerator program designed around the specific needs of web3 startups.
→ a16z Crypto invests $500,000 in participating companies, acquiring 7% equity along with certain other customary rights.
→ Aside from funding, participants are granted mentorship from accomplished industry founders, guided education by domain authorities on crucial subjects, and the chance to collaborate with a handpicked cohort of fellow founders embarking on the startup journey.

GBV Capital 

GBV Capital focuses exclusively on investments related to blockchain technology, digital currency, and cryptocurrency. They’ve made 186 investments so far in the web3 space.


→ You can submit your pitch, describe your funding goals, and also what help you’d like from their end.


Alliance focuses on accelerating decentralized finance projects, fostering collaboration and innovation in the rapidly evolving DeFi landscape.


→ $250k investment at flexible terms. 
→ Access to and support from the world’s leading network of Web3 founders.
→ 1-week in-person onboarding followed by a 10-week fully remote program for global participants.

Key dates:

Applications are open till 30th August 2023

Admissions by 29th November 2023

The program starts on 12th February 2024 in Lisbon


BlockRocket provides startups with technical mentorship and resources to develop innovative blockchain solutions and products.


→ Apply here
→ Funds up to €150k per team for 2.5 to 10% equity.
→ Based out of Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Key dates:

Open deadline


Pyratzlabs offers a comprehensive accelerator program that guides startups through the intricacies of Web3, ensuring their success in a competitive environment.  PyratzLabs equips Web 3 entrepreneurs with capital, technical mastery, marketing acumen, legal insights, and operational support. You can submit your application and, upon approval, engage in a 30-minute interview with a PyratzLabs Selection Committee member.


→ Apply here
→ Founders keep more than 80% of the equity.


Aveslair aims to empower blockchain startups by providing them with resources, mentorship, and access to a network of industry experts. It is a 12-week program.


→ Every 6 months, they roll out an accelerator program with an initial $100K investment in each company that is ready to take on our program.
→ Based out of NYC but fully remote.
→ Apply here

Blockchain founders

Blockchain founders supports early-stage Web3 startups through an accelerator program designed to fuel their growth and success.


→ You can apply for the programs or submit your pitch.
→ Funding - €70-100K.

Key dates:

- Application deadline: August 19, 2023 & September 30, 2023


Blockis focuses on nurturing startups working on blockchain and crypto technologies, guiding them from ideation to market entry.


→ A voucher of €12.000 as financial support. An additional prize of  €6.000 for Tailor-made technical & business support.
→ Block.IS accelerator supports SMEs and startups from the ICT sector all the way from ideation to commercialization. 
→ Both startups/SMEs and Clusters can have their travel and accommodation expenses reimbursed up to 750 EUR.

Key dates:

Current applications are closed

CV Labs

Up to three times a year, CV Labs run their own 10-week accelerator, specifically tailored to blockchain startups. With access to the foremost thinkers in the sector, technologists, the wealthy, and a supportive infrastructure of service providers, startups leave the program ready to take on the world.

The Bootcamp is a week-long event held in the Crypto Valley, offering top-notch training and exclusive networking chances.

In Block 1, participants engage in a month-long online learning journey centered on Technology, Products, and Legal.

Block 2 presents a month-long online learning experience focusing on Marketing & Branding.

The Graduation phase involves a week of refining pitching skills in Zug. This leads to a demo day and the opportunity to pitch to investors.


→ Funding up to $135'000 USD for 7% equity.
→ Application link
→ Based out of Zug, Switzerland.

Key dates:

Applications open: 1 Aug 2023

Application close: 30 Nov 2023

Starting date: 4 March 2024

Demo day: 14 May 2024

While the crypto space has been a rollercoaster ride, its applications in the real world cannot go unnoticed. The Web3 revolution is here, and these accelerators are at the forefront of the transformation.

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