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July 9, 2024
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Atari, Inc. was founded in 1972 by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney. It is one of the most iconic companies in the video game industry, credited with pioneering the arcade game, home video game console, and personal computer industries. Atari is primarily known for its groundbreaking work in video games and consumer electronics.

It created some of the most popular arcade games of all time, such as Pong and Asteroids, and developed one of the first widely successful home video game consoles, the Atari 2600. Today, Atari continues to be involved in the gaming industry, producing games and interactive entertainment, while also exploring opportunities in blockchain and other innovative technologies.


Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney


The Atari Mafia

The Atari Mafia has founded 60 companies and raised $2.5B.

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List of all the amazing companies covered:

  • Pager
  • Daylight Solutions
  • Carro
  • Conversa Health
  • Fingerprint
  • Β Riot Games
  • Nymbl Science
  • Confirm
  • Massive
  • Nom Nom
  • StoneFly
  • MyCheck
  • Prixtel
  • Execution Labs
  • Rypplzz
  • Neoglyphic Entertainment
  • Blank Slate Systems



Founder: Gaspard de Dreuzy

Atari Role: Executive Producer

Capital Raised: $134.2M

Investors: Lux Capital

Stage: Series C

Pager is a virtual care technology platform that provides communication, collaboration, navigation, and care coordination solutions.


Daylight Solutions

Founder: Jim Fisher

Atari Role: Vice President, Marketing

Capital Raised: $36.9M

Investors: National Science Foundation

Stage: Grant

Daylight Solutions manufactures molecular detection and imaging instruments for diagnostics, homeland security, military and more.



Founder: David Perry

Atari Role: President - Shiny Entertainment

Capital Raised: $36M

Investors: Alpha Edison

Stage: Series B

Carro is a collaborative commerce platform that links Shopify to the entire eCommerce landscape, establishing a cross-store sales channel.


Conversa Health

Founder: West Shell III

Atari Role: Director Marketing

Capital Raised: $33.8M

Investors: J Ventures

Stage: Series B

Conversa is a virtual care platform that provides automated patient engagement and management.



Founder: Nancy MacIntyre

Atari Role: VP, Marketing

Capital Raised: $25M

Investors: Corus Entertainment

Stage: Debt Financing

Fingerprint is a mobile technology company focused on premium subscription content services for kids and family.


Riot Games

Founder: Bill Petro

Atari Role: Vice President Product Development

Capital Raised: $21M

Investors: Benchmark

Stage: Acquired

Riot Games is a global company that develops online games.


Nymbl Science

Founder: Tom Virden

Atari Role: Director

Capital Raised: $19.8M

Investors: Cobalt Ventures

Stage: Corporate Round

Nymbl Science develops a physical and cognitive training application to facilitate fall reduction.



Founder: David Murray

Atari Role: User Experience Lead

Capital Raised: $18.2M

Investors: ANIMO Ventures

Stage: Series A

Confirm is an all-in-one people platform using Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) to empower leaders with a true view of performance.



Founder: Andy Kleinman

Atari Role: Advisory Board Member

Capital Raised: $17.6M

Investors: NeoCarta Ventures

Stage: Series C

Massive is the developer of video game network for in-game advertising.


Nom Nom

Founder: Zach Phillips

Atari Role: Director Business Development - Online & Mobile

Capital Raised: $13M

Investors: Greycroft

Stage: Series B

Nom Nom makes real food to support healthier, longer lives for folks with paws. Because what’s good for people is good for pets too.



Founder: Mo Tahmasebi

Atari Role: System Design Engineer

Capital Raised: $12M

Investors: Rustic Canyon Partners

Stage: Series C

StoneFly Inc. is one of the innovators of cost-effective full-featured storage appliances since 2000.



Founder: Erez Spatz

Atari Role: Co Founder & CTO

Capital Raised: $11.1M

Investors: O.G. Venture Partners

Stage: Series A

MyCheck is a mobile application that enables users to split and pay bills for goods and services through their mobile devices.


Founder: Nolan Bushnell

Atari Role: CEO

Capital Raised: $10M

Investors: GDA Capital

Stage: Seed is an entertainment provider that will power the next generation of video games.



Founder: David Charles

Atari Role: Marketing

Capital Raised: $7.25M

Investors: Banexi Ventures

Stage: Series B

Prixtel is a French telephone operator that offers for fixed line, mobile, nomadic Internet and ADSL for individuals and professionals.


Execution Labs

Founder: Keith Katz

Atari Role: Global Brand Manager

Capital Raised: $6.7M

Investors: BDC Venture Capital

Stage: Series A

Execution Labs is a hands-on early stage investor in game studios.



Founder: Joshua Pendrick

Atari Role: Director of Digital Marketing / Social Media

Capital Raised: $6M

Investors: KB Partners

Stage: Seed

Rypplzz has a patented software platform that connects the digital and physical worlds like never before.


Neoglyphic Entertainment

Founder: Christopher Chamberlain

Atari Role: Artist

Capital Raised: $2.4M

Investors: Rivet Ventures

Stage: Seed

Neoglyphic Entertainment is a company built on real-time 3D development, machine learning and computer vision.


Blank Slate Systems

Founder: Mark Gross

Atari Role: Research Staff

Capital Raised: $1.1M

Investors: Techstars

Stage: Convertible Note

Blank Slate provides design tools and cloud-based collaboration for prototyping and manufacturing.


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