The Affirm Mafia

December 19, 2023
Tech Mafias

Affirm, Inc. is a financial technology company known for revolutionizing the digital payment landscape by offering "buy now, pay later" (BNPL) solutions.

Founded by Max Levchin in 2012, Affirm provides consumers with more transparent and flexible payment options compared to traditional credit. The company operates by allowing customers to make purchases and then pay for them over time through a series of installments, often with low or no interest, depending on the consumer's creditworthiness.

Let's take a look at this tech mafia group.


The Affirm Mafia

Former Affirm alumni have founded 15 companies and raised $3.2 billion in total as per Crunhcbase data.

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Most money raised: Settle

Settle is a cutting-edge cashflow management startup founded in 2019 by Alek Koenig. It is currently making waves in the $25 trillion business-to-business payments market.

With Koenig's experience as the former head of credit at Affirm, Settle offers a unique solution that blends payments, financing, and accounting integrations into one comprehensive tool.

The company has raised $521 million in funding so far.


A list of all the amazing companies covered:

  • Settle
  • Resolve
  • SentiLink
  • Q Bio
  • Peach Finance
  • Disco
  • Aro Homes
  • Pace
  • Ganymede
  • Lydian
  • Kudos
  • RatedPower
  • Fractional
  • Ansa
  • Cometa
  • Office Hours
  • Cashmere



Founder: Alek Koenig

Affirm Role: Director, Strategic Partnerships / Head of Credit

Capital Raised: $521M

Investors: Atalaya Capital

Stage: Series BSettle is a cash-flow management platform that helps e-commerce and consumer brands manage their financial transactions.



Founder: Chris Tsai

Affirm Role: Advisor

Capital Raised: $85M

Investors: Insight Partners

Stage: Series A

Resolve is a B2B payments platform that offers buy now, pay later billing for business purchases.



Founder: Maxwell Blumenfeld, Naftali Harris

Affirm Role: Data Scientist, Fraud Strategy Lead, Data Science Manager

Capital Raised: $84M

Investors: Andreessen Horowitz

Stage: Series B

SentiLink is an identity verification technology company that helps in detecting and blocking synthetic identities.


Q Bio

Founder: Jeffrey Kaditz

Affirm Role: Founder/Board Member

Capital Raised: $64M

Investors: Andreessen Horowitz

Stage: Series B

On a mission to build the first Clinical Digital Twin Platform and make it accessible to everyone.


Peach Finance

Founder: Eddie O.

Affirm Role: Director, Product Management

Capital Raised: $27.5M

Investors: Canapi Ventures

Stage: Series A

Peach is the industry's most advanced loan management and servicing platform.



Founder: Conner Sherline

Affirm Role: Product Marketing

Capital Raised: $25.8M

Investors: Bessemer Venture Partners

Stage: Series A

Disco develops an AI-driven partnership platform that makes recommendations to consumers across brands.


Aro Homes

Founder: Carl Gish

Affirm Role: Chief Marketing Officer

Capital Raised: $21M

Investors: Innovation Endeavors

Stage: Series A

Aro Homes aims to redefine residential construction by building better, more sustainable homes faster, and more efficiently.



Founder: Jack Chou

Affirm Role: Chief Product Officer

Capital Raised: $18M

Investors: Sequoia Capital

Stage: Series A

Pace provides online peer support groups to give and receive support, therapy for diagnosed conditions like addiction or depression.



Founder: Nathan Clark, Benson Lee

Affirm Role: Senior Product Manager, Senior Director

Capital Raised: $15.7M

Investors: Caffeinated Capital

Stage: Series A

Ganymede is a low-code PaaS for biotech software engineering that enables users to connect apps, ingest data, and construct pipelines.



Founder: Joe Rodden

Affirm Role: Strategy & Finance

Capital Raised: $12M

Investors: Galvanize Climate Solutions

Stage: Seed

Lydian aims to accelerate the decarbonization of the chemical industry by electrifying the chemical production process.



Founder: Tikue Anazodo

Affirm Role: Group Product Manager

Capital Raised: $7M

Investors: Patron

Stage: Seed

Kudos is a smart assistant in the browser that tells the customer the best card to use when they check out when shopping online.



Founder: Borja Marcos Suarez

Affirm Role: Site Reliability Engineering ManagerSite Reliability Engineering Manager

Capital Raised: $6.1M

Investors: Seaya

Stage: Series A

RatedPower software to design & optimize utility-scale solar plants. Maximize the potential of PV plants & reduce LCOE.



Founder: Stella Han, Carlos Alfredo TreviΓ±o PΓ©rez

Affirm Role: Senior Software Engineer, Engineering

Capital Raised: $5.5M

Investors: Global Founders Capital

Stage: Series A

Fractional is a social platform for fractional ownership of the real estate.



Founder: JT Cho

Affirm Role: Software Engineer

Capital Raised: $5.4M

Investors: Bain Capital Ventures

Stage: Seed

Ansa is the closed loop platform built for customers.



Founder: Gonzalo Gallardo

Affirm Role: Strategy & Analytics

Capital Raised: $5M

Investors: Reach Capital

Stage: Seed

Cometa provides technological and financial tools to increase access to quality education in Mexico and Latin America.


Office Hours

Founder: Patrick Reynolds

Affirm Role: Product Designer/Software Engineer

Capital Raised: $5M

Investors: CRV

Stage: Seed

Office hours help you get paid to share what you know.



Founder: Rebecca Lee

Affirm Role: Software Engineer

Capital Raised: $3.7M

Investors: Global Founders Capital

Stage: Seed

Cashmere is a Crypto wallet for web3 startups.


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