Invest in the best venture-backed startups with your community

PIN does all the boring admin, legal, and tax work required for groups to invest in startups together. You invest in great startups. We do the rest.

Your all-in-one group investing infrastructure


Easy setup

PIN does all the admin heavy lifting so you can focus on fundraising. Invite members and see your progress in real-time.
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Simple onboarding

PIN makes it easy for any member to commit to an investment club in just 4 simple steps, all in one place.
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Comprehensive tax and admin support

PIN automatically handles the tax filings for your investment club and each individual for the lifecycle of your club.
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Engage your community to invest in the best companies

PIN effortlessly engages and incentivizes members to source great investments and provide support to portfolio companies
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How PIN works

Invite your community in minutes. Make your first investment together in less than a week.
Complete a short survey

Fill out a 5 minute survey about your community and desired startup investments, and we kickstart all the admin work necessary for setting up an investing entity.

Invite your people

Members sign up and commit to investing all through PIN. This includes signing documents, updating compliance/tax information, and wiring their investment.

Start investing

Once your raise is complete, we transfer everything over to you to start investing. We handle taxes, registrations, and compliance on your behalf every year.

Invest together.
Built for all types of communities; including yours.
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PIN is the easiest way to invest in the best startups

Why we're different:

Legal & Tax Work

We do all the boring work: we handle all the admin, legal, and tax obligations required

Value-Driven Rewards

We supercharge the power of your community with social features and gamification: members are rewarded for sourcing or ✨adding value✨ to portfolio companies

Investor Diversity

Fully inclusive of both accredited and non-accredited investors

Carried Interest

You earn carried interest similar to a traditional VC fund

High-Win Clubs

Communities win allocation in the best VC-backed startups more often: communities on PIN have a 90%+ win rate for deals they want to invest in (all with top-tier VC lead investors)

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Built for all types of communities
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Built for all types of communities

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Request a demo to see how your community can start investing together.

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