Learn more about how PIN helps communities invest in startups.

What is PIN?

PIN (Power in Numbers) is a platform that empowers everyday people to invest in the world’s best startups through community investment clubs. We handle all the complications of starting a fund (the boring legal, admin, tax work) so you can focus on the more human elements of running a community, as well as the fun and educational aspects of being an investor in the startup world.

Legalities and bureaucracy...I don't wanna deal with that. Can PIN help?

Should you establish an LLC or a partnership? What are the federal and operating rules? Oh, and let’s not forget the dreaded taxation requirements.

We hear you. PIN takes care of all the dirty laundry, you won’t have to touch that pile at all.

What about being an accredited investor?

Fantastic question. With PIN you can accept investment from both unaccredited & accredited community members!

How long does it take to set up an investment club with PIN?

It takes up to six months to set up an investment club if you have to handle all the legal work by yourself. With PIN, it takes as little as three weeks once you have found the leading members for your club.

What are the benefits of starting an investment club?

By being part of an investment club, members are exposed to opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t have. You can:

- Invest in the hottest startups alongside top VCs
- Build your portfolio without having to do all the work
- Diversify risk and achieve better returns on your money
- Learn about startups & investing through a fun personal experience in a community
- Get great deal flow

And of course, by setting up the club through PIN, you’ll never have to deal with the boring legal work and rather focus on the human element and the excitement of investing in startups.

Alright, you got me, I'm interested in starting an investment club, how do I get started with PIN?  

It’s super simple:  

1. Choose 1-3 other people to help you lead the club. We recommend including at least 1 teammate who angel invests, has experience in VC, understands equity (at least as part of a salary), is the founder of a startup, etc.

2. Provide PIN with the name of your group, the names of the leadership team, and the legal address of at least 1 member on the leadership team. We'll use this info to register a legal entity and generate all necessary documents to begin fundraising.

3. In ~3 weeks, we'll hand over bank accounts, fund documents, and provide all tools to begin raising (docusign links, wire instructions, email templates to send to your community).

4. You'll announce the investment club to your community and begin collecting commitments & raising money.

I feel like I still need to learn more about investment clubs, can PIN help me out?

We have a detailed FAQ section with answers to all your burning questions. If something is missing, drop us a message so we can help you out!